Friday, February 18, 2011

By Marc Cooper, author of THE ELDER

Elders possess real patience. By patience I don’t mean passively waiting. By patience I don’t mean waiting for the chance to make something happen. I mean, by patience, a full expression of experience and intention. Patience is knowing when to make the right move, at the right time, to go at the right pace, to know when it’s ready.

Patience is knowing when the moment is right to act. And knowing the right moment to act only comes after recognizing and being responsible for your failures. Failures when you pushed too hard, went too soon or waited too long. That’s part of an Elder’s life experience, having failed over and over again until they got it right.

Patience is knowing the right thing to do and when to do it. A keen intuition about the actions to take and when to take them.

Patience is knowing the right thing to say, at the right time, so the speaking has maximum effectiveness.

Patience is seeing the time-space continuum, not as a blur, but as clear distinctions of people and events lending themselves to prediction. And because Elders see the continuum differently, they have an ability to forecast; “Here’s what you can expect to happen.”

That’s what Elders can contribute to relationships, to business and to institutions – patience. That’s what Elders can contribute to the world - doing the right thing at the right time – patience.

And in this world of instant everything, patience is sorely needed.

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