Does it have to be this way?

Monday, February 07, 2011

By Marc Cooper, author of THE ELDER

Looking at ourselves in the mirror, we realize we’re growing older. We have flashes of becoming deserted, isolated and vulnerable, fears of becoming a geriatric case bubble up. We’re resigned to following the predictable pattern – retirement, physical decline, assisted living, rocking chair existence in a nursing home, hospice and the eventual dark and inevitable end to our lives.

Does it have to be this way? Are we stuck with this world view? Can we create another possibility for aging beyond the cultural context with its anticipated outcomes of aging - decay, deterioration and sequestration?

We believe we can. And we call this possibility Eldering.

Eldering is a vision for growing older that gives us the opportunity to have the rest of our lives be richer and more rewarding than we now have forecasted. Eldering changes our world view, alters our context, shifts our perception. Eldering transforms our experience of growing older, enabling us to maximize health, happiness, love, self-expression and being valued.

Everyone possesses the possibility of becoming an Elder. No special talents or gifts are required. Becoming an Elder is a choice. This blog will be about becoming an Elder and the choices you make.

You see, every choice has a consequence. If you can choose the path of Elder, the expected outcomes of aging are fundamental and permanently altered.

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